“There are many modalities of self help, therapy and life coaching available, especially in this City of Angels. I find all of them beneficial and have tried many! I must say though, working with Howard’s program brought about a break in a pattern I had attempted most of my life to shift, but eventually came to accept. Though I’ve been fortunate to receive many gifts in this life, I was  truly stuck in a very important area. The use of Howard’s program finally gave way, and I am now extremely happy and fulfilled in a relationship I never thought I’d be able to attract or accept. Howard’s method makes sense, because it doesn’t just utilize analysis and the spoken word but also physicality and repetition. Patterns to break patterns. People who have known me, and now see the good fortune in my life all want to know the ‘secret’ and  the ‘magic.’ Try it!”

—Christina Linhardt
Los Angeles

“For the last 15 years I have been dealing with insurmountable depression and stress that I feel was due to difficulties in my childhood. I’ve tried lots of programs to get me through this but nothing has worked up until I discovered Howard Richman’s method. Howard reassured me that I would not have tried his method. I applied Howard’s techniques with an open mind and within weeks I was feeling so much better about myself. And now, after three months, I am very positive in attitude and believing in myself. My past issues have just disappeared and I believe for good! I will always be truly thankful to Howard for his help, kindness and his understanding. Howard has given me a new lease of life. I 100% recommend that anyone out there who is suffering inside with any sort of issue to consult Howard and ask for his help. You will be glad you did.”

—Cheryl Hastings

“Howard taught me simple and very effective steps for utilizing affirmations in a way in which I had never before been taught. I was thrilled at the milestones I accomplished in my career and personal life less than 3 months from the time that I began applying the manifestation exercise he taught me. Not to mention, Howard is a wonderful, well-intentioned, caring, and insightful teacher!”

—Julie Mintz, Singer/Songwriter
Los Angeles, CA

“Howard’s affirmation technique and coaching skill helped me release a lot of the stress trapped in my shoulders and neck.  I doubt that I would have been able to reach where I am now (i.e. no chronic pain) without his support and approach. It is also imperative as a coach to provide a ‘safe place’ of no judgment, and I appreciated being on the receiving end of that with Howard.

—Rossina Gil, Leadership & Organization Development Practitioner
Brentwood TN

“Howard has helped me focus on and believe in my dreams and talents. He has shared exercises, steps to take, and thought patterns that have promoted healthy advancement in my art and life. Howard is a man who has dedicated himself to help open creative channels in others, his own life is an example of creativity at work.

—Elna Cooke, Designer/Artist/Instructor Fashion Design
Santa Monica, CA

“Howard is a great teacher and a great coach. He shared with me the nuts and bolts of how he has built two of his own businesses. Howard is not only a truly gifted artist but an entrepreneur. He coached me on building my teaching business as well as my affiliate/online marketing and sales. He is very detail-oriented, strict, and will hold you accountable. Howard will definitely push you beyond the boundaries of what you feel to be comfortable. From experience, the results are and continue to be extremely rewarding working with Howard.”

—Evan Sachs

“Howard Richman has the sensitivity, discipline, knowledge and understanding to communicate the deepest of concepts for the ‘Make Your Dreams Your Reality Training.’ He gets you focused without pushing it. He lets you go at your pace, not his or anyone else’s. The only difficulty is to allow one’s own self to follow, follow, as in doing this subtle work. Howard is remarkable, a true positive force in a far too negative world. God bless him.”

 —Michael Cooke, Actor / Jazz Pianist
Santa Monica, CA

“The greatest and most powerful benefit I have derived from working with you, Howard, is developing my confidence and learning to believe in myself and my talents as a songwriter. The power of self-confidence is enormous; it can propel us to attempt and sometimes even achieve greatness. Having you believe in me has encouraged me to believe in myself, which has freed up my creativity and allowed it to flourish in ways that I would not previously have dreamed possible. Also, you have taught me to understand that learning to play piano is a long, often arduous and challenging process that requires great discipline, patience and practice. I believe this is also a microcosm of what it takes to achieve major life goals. This concrete, specific method of goal-attainment and all that it entails (such as learning to play piano), along with the more general, abstract ‘power of positive thinking’ and confidence-building that you instill in your students is an incredibly potent combination.”

—Claire Bloom, Songwriter
Working on CD of songs that I have written,
performed and co-produced with Michael Baber.
Working title: “Friends, Lovers and Others”