Generally, it is ideal to reserve THREE 1.5 hour sessions for the best results and the skills learned in each session will complement each other. Each session should be on its own day. Usually these three sessions can be done a few days apart, or once a week for three weeks. After you make your payment, please contact Howard to arrange the schedule.

The sessions might overlap in their nature, but generally they will follow the following 3 areas of focus:

  • SESSION I  Learn How to ATTRACT What you Want
    Custom-tailored techniques to help you reach your unique goals. You’ve probably tried doing “affirmations.” But once you understand five important principles then you will know how to make them work.
    1.5 hour / $150
  • SESSION II  Learn How to REMOVE What you Don’t Want
    Finally learn the secret to permanently UN-block the obstacles that keep preventing your success. There are many un-seen forces that try to sabotage our success and this approach is very effective in releasing these.
    1.5 hour / $150
  • SESSION III  Custom Guidance To Help Reach Goals On the Outer Level
    Developing a plan of action in your normal day-to-day routine to complement the work that you have begun on the inner level. You may already have taken action towards reaching your goals, but it nice to have someone in your corner to verify that you are on the right track.
    1.5 hour / $150
  • (OPTIONAL) SESSION IV – Follow-Up Session, if needed
    1 hour / $100

Pay with PayPal or Credit card.

If you want to pay with PayPal, just log in to your PalPal account when requested. If you prefer to pay with a credit card, it is actually easier and less confusing if you DON’T log in!

3-Session Bundle (incl $50 discount)


1-Session (1.5 hours)


1-Session (1 hour) (This is perfect for a follow-up session within 90 days)