What to Expect

Do you Really Want Things to Change?
by Howard B. Richman

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NOTE: The following information on what you might expect is in support of the Make Your Dreams Your Reality Training, by Howard B. Richman. This is assuming that you are doing BOTH the affirmation training AND the negative energy release routines. If you are only doing one or the other, then some of the information below MAY NOT BE APPLICABLE

The following points are merely things that you can be aware of. These are things that you may anticipate, so you wouldn’t be caught too off guard should they happen. Of course the following possibilities may or MAY NOT happen to you, and either way, it does not mean that you are doing something right or wrong. But just knowing that the following COULD happen will give you peace of mind that you are not going crazy and that you are definitely on the right track!

In no particular order, but all equally important….

Become aware of sudden improvements to your situation

At first, you may not even recognize what an improvement means, because you may have been clouded for so long. Curiously, something that is an improvement you may perceive initially as a bad thing because it is different. Simply stay aware and notice how things are changing. It could be sudden or it could be gradual. It could be huge, or it could be very, very subtle. For example, if money is your issue, and you are generally annoyed by people, and new people suddenly come into your life, instead of pushing them away, as you might have done in the past, know that it would be through these new people that financial opportunities could come. There are many, many other examples, but this is what I mean that you have to be alert to the changes that you have initiated. And these changes may seem strange or “bad” at first but they are actually what you have created and they are good, if you can see them through a wider lens.

People will start treating you differently

Our subconscious mind is connected to the subconscious minds of everyone on this planet. So as you change, you have an effect on everyone who comes into your sphere of influence. Just kind of laugh at this and know that it is working. For example, a person who would normally be suppressive or irritating starts treating you with respect. This is kind of odd and you may even assume that they have something up their sleeve and that it is a trick. But, indeed, the tide is turning and know that something has shifted and it is not a trick. It is genuine, because you have created this shift within, which has an effect on others!

Expect a LOT more people to come into your life — good and bad!

Think of the porch light. It attracts moths. The BRIGHTER the light, the more moths. Now think of your own “inner light.” As you gradually are removing the many layers of darkness, your spiritual light becomes more and more attractive to others. What this means is that you will find that many new people and opportunities start coming your way. So please just be aware of this and do not be overwhelmed. In fact, by anticipating this phenomenon, you can act in the most effective manner. What I means it that you have to create kind of a psychic or mental filter, so that you WELCOME the good people and opportunities and DECLINE the bad ones. Please have the courage to allow new things to develop for your highest good during this period. But also have the self respect to say “no” to people and things that would not serve you. In other words, it is very tempting to say “yes” to everything that comes your way during this period, but not everything is going to be good for you. Learn to pick the situations that are really helpful to you and please insulate yourself from the junk. Once you learn this skill, it will serve you naturally for the rest of your life.

Plan for three tests

This is not always applicable and it will vary, according to your circumstances. But usually, when something big is happening, like a major change that you are seeking, the universe will give you between one and three tests. You will be presented with a situation that is similar, or even more intense than other situations that typify the issue that you are working on. At first, OBSERVE how you are initially tempted to react to this situation with same old way that NEVER, EVER, EVER gave you the results that you wanted. Stay objective here and do your best to PASS THE TEST. Try to react differently this time, because that is WHAT YOU WANT. For example, if you have an addiction, and in the past, when you were so very tempted, you would have indulged your addiction. NOW, things are different and you can be tempted, but NOT INDULGE, and you will HAVE THE STRENGTH now to do so with a new-found power. Sometimes this will happen once, but usually there will be three of these types of “tests.” After you have passed all three tests, you will seriously be different and this “pattern” of the thing you have been trying to change will truly be different and be so in a permanent way.

Don’t stop too early

I recommend that people continue the routines for 90 days to “lock-in” any desired changes. Many times, people feel immense changes happening and they become so excited with their new life that they literally stop doing the routine before the 90-day mark. Although this is a normal human response, I recommend that you keep repeating the routines for the full 90 days. The main reason for this is that although you likely will have various results occur prior to the 90 days, it does not mean that the shift has become PERMANENT within you. What happens if you stop prematurely is that your old subconscious behavior will revert and you will have the feeling that this system did not work. This is not always easy to do. Especially if you reach a point in the negative energy release routines and you “know” that you are done. The way I see it is that although you may be done, there will always be little aspects of the block you have been removing that remain. Think of those as little dark “seeds.” If you don’t get the seeds out TOO, they will sprout and grow back into what you thought you had removed. You need a certain amount of “weight” do counter the many years of negative behavior. Anything less than 90 days usually is not enough. SO EVEN IF YOU FEEL THAT YOU ARE DONE, ACT AS IF YOU ARE NOT DONE AND DO THE ROUTINES ANYWAY, JUST TO BE SAFE.

Don’t tell anyone

We have to be wary of suppressive people and jealous people. When you are beginning anything new, it is like a little seedling on a hillside. Landscapers will cover the seedlings with a net to protect them from the elements of wind, rain, etc. until they grow roots and become strong enough to live. Any new project you begin is delicate like the seedling and can easily get thrown off course. For this reason, it is best if you start something new, like a plan of becoming abundant, or pursuing your dream career, or anything new, that you only tell truly supportive people in your life. When you tell someone who may be suppressive or jealous of your possible success, they will tend to thwart your efforts, even if it doesn’t seem that way outwardly. Just as we are developing our ability to strengthen our subconscious mind, these suppressive and jealous people are hazardous. The very “collective consciousness” that can be a good thing, in this case has a negative effect. Since our subconscious mind is connected to others’ there is the tendency when others are sending negative suppressive or jealous thoughts our way that we will “download” THESE negative imprints which sabotage our very own positive intentions. They consciously, but usually unconsciously, will send this negative energy our way, which will usually result in getting us off track with our plan. The reason this is so is because our plan to change something in our lives is very new and therefore delicate, sensitive and easily swayed. But their suppressive or jealous patterns of behavior is very strong and developed as they’ve done it for quite a while. So it is very, very easy to be thrown off track by these types of people. Opportunities will disappear in an instant. Open doors will mysteriously close. Helpful people suddenly turn cold. A dark cloud has been placed over you that makes it feel like for every two steps forward you take eight steps back. Then you spend all your energy fighting through the cloud, and not getting anywhere, instead of doing what you need to do to move forward.

But later, after you have mastered the art of creating what you want, you will be so strong and empowered that it won’t matter who you tell, because they will have absolutely no influence on you. But please wait until then before you blab your new plans about anything new to these types of people. The tricky thing is, out of habit, we most often want to tell our friends or our parents. (Yikes!) These people are so often the people who are the most suppressive and jealous. (not always). But please be objective about it so you can be discerning. Realistically, if they are usually sarcastic and negative about your ideas, chances are that they will continue to be so for the rest of their lives. STOP WAITING FOR THEM TO “LOVE”  AND “APPROVE” YOU.

You may not be able to feel maximum “joy” but just do your best.

In the affirmations portion of the routine, I recommend that you feel “joy” before doing the affirmations. However, your technique for tuning into this feeling may not bring you maximum joyfulness. Let this be ok. Just do your best and know that most people feel this way, especially at first. One thing that often happens is that as you progress through the 90 days, and your overall feeling becomes lighter, it should be easier and easier to tap into a joyful feeling.

Expect drama

The spiritual parasites that are very happy and comfortable living within you assumed that you would let them stay for THE FULL DURATION OF YOUR LIFE! Now that you are designing a plan to gently nudge them out, expect some response. Don’t forget, these entities that inhabit all of us have their own agenda. They FEED off of our fear energy and they do EVERYTHING they can to maintain this fear state, to guarantee their steady diet. So just as you feel that things are finally moving forward, some “disaster” may happen. I’m not saying that you should EXPECT a bad thing to happen. I’m just saying that if something unexpected happens during this 90 days, know that it is exactly part of the plan that you have created. It might be one of your tests (as described earlier) or it might be just a playful way that these being are trying to get you off track. ANYTHING they can do to get you to STOP doing the routine for 90 days, THEY WILL!!!!! So normally, when something big happens in your life, like a car accident, or a flood in your house, or a broken arm or finding out that your mom has cancer, etc, you normally would STOP everything else and deal with that. IN THIS CASE, DON’T STOP THE ROUTINE. This is just an illusion.

Previously-suppressed symptoms may temporarily return

Humans have sophisticated capability of compartmentalizing our pain in different hiding places in throughout our being. We initially do this for survival. If we are abused as a child but we then need to “put on a happy face” to greet guests at a party, we just DO IT. But where did that pain go? It is still there, but way, way under the surface. When you finally GIVE PERMISSION to this negative energy to be released, it will gradually start bubbling up from the underworld within and will come up to the surface. You will likely re-experience many aspects of this original trauma or pain. But let’s say that you were sexually-abused for 13 years. It doesn’t mean that you feel this for 13 years to release it. But you may need to re-experience some aspects of this abuse, even for 13 minutes, for example, in order to fully release it. You cannot fully release something unless you allow yourself to really feel it and not hide it. All this time, we have been hiding the pain. Isn’t it time to finally let it out? Hering’s Law states that: “All healing occurs from within out, from the head down, and in the reverse order in which the symptoms have appeared.” Why is this point important to consider? Because as the pain and suffering is being released, you will likely experience that it will be RELEASE IN THE REVERSE ORDER IN WHICH IT OCCURRED! Wow! That is just amazing to me. So some people have conscious awareness of this. Some people notice that they have vivid dreams during this process and that their dreams progressively tend to reflect earlier and earlier periods in their life. This actually makes sense. If you were going to clean out a garage that has been collecting junk for 6 years, you would have to deal with the most recent stuff and you wouldn’t get to the original junk until the very end of the process.

To clarify the above, we are obviously not going to relive the original intensity of the trauma but we will have the emotional memory coming up ABOUT that event. Also, during the 90-day period, there will be various layers of each issue that are being released, so it is very likely that at some point, you will surprisingly have quite an experience that actually WILL be very strong. But if you don’t, it doesn’t mean that the process is not working.

You may feel sick

Some people literally become nauseous. Some people feel that they have to rush to the bathroom to have a bowel movement. Some people become very tired and need to take a nap. Some people get a headache. Some people literally re-experience the pain of old injuries. Some people become extremely depressed. Think about this: would you rather keep this junk inside you another day or would you rather let it finally come out? Of course the process of letting it out may be unpleasant, but try to remember that you are not actually “sick” but rather by releasing this stuff, you are becoming WELL. Let the process happen. DON’T HOLD IT BACK ANY MORE.

NOTE: If you are having a real reaction which is causing physical or emotional distress, then try to ADJUST your life for one or two days if you can to HONOR this. Meaning, if you can take a day off work, if you can be kind to yourself, if you can allow the yucky feelings to COME UP AND ALL THE WAY OUT (If you have to go to work, you will likely be tempted to hold it in!),  if you need to sleep, do so, if you need to throw up, do so, if you need to just be alone, do so, etc. One thing that also can be useful here is to DO ADDITIONAL RELEASING SESSIONS. Of course, we are doing one a day, but if you are going through a crisis of sorts then you are a good candidate for doing multiple sessions throughout the day, to really help release the junk. A few additional tools that you may find helpful in this regard are the music for anger and the anger-release pillowcase.

Plans may change

Often, the very “goal” that you had and that you are working on for the 90 day period may change during the process. This does not mean that you have failed. This means that day by day, layer by layer, you have removed a lot of the gunk that has clouded your truth of what you really want to do and you have uncovered what you are really destined to do or be. So instead of feeling that you just wasted time up to that point, just be grateful that now you have even more clarity of what you REALLY want to achieve. I recommend that you then start ANOTHER 90-day routine with your new goal(s) in mind.

Expect up days and down days

Emotionally, you will likely display some extreme highs and lows. You may feel exhilarated  about your new changes on one day and on the next day, you may feel so depressed that you can’t get out of bed. The best thing to do is to remember an image of a typical stock market graph over a 5 year period. You will see many ups and downs, but from the beginning to the end of the period, you will see an overall UP-tick, meaning things are gradually improving. NO MATTER HOW GOOD OR BAD YOU ARE FEELING, KEEP DOING THE ROUTINES. THIS IS CRUCIAL TO YOUR SUCCESS. NEVER RATIONALIZE THAT YOU ARE NOT FEELING WELL ENOUGH OR THAT YOU FEEL SO GOOD THAT YOU DON’T NEED IT. YOU WILL UNDERMINE YOUR SUCCESS IF YOU DO THAT FOR SURE.

Let the subconscious mind do its job

There is an approach that some people do where they write down what they want to achieve and they just place it in a drawer or on the top shelf. In my opinion, it is not writing down and placing in a hiding place that has value. Rather, this SYMBOLICALLY is a gesture, that… ok… “I have done my work, now universe… do your MAGIC!” THAT is what i think this idea is represents. In our case, it means that after you do the 90-day period of affirmations and negative energy release, the best thing that you can do is to just let it go and stop affirming and stop dwelling on your issues. By doing this, you are letting the universe step up and manifest your dreams on your behalf. It does not seem logical, because our instinct is to keep WORKING until we reach our goals, but please consider this point, that after some time of intense application, the best thing is to just let it go, stop working on it and trust that IT IS SO.

The 90-day period creates the opening for change but not necessarily the CHANGE

Please realize that some goals need longer than 90 days. I don’t mean that you need to do the routine for more than 90 days, although in some cases, if you still feel a heaviness on an issue, you can certainly extend the period. What I mean is that after the 90-day period of (1) releasing the stuff you don’t want and (2) attracting the stuff you do want, you have to allow the universe to also do its job. So if you are wanting to attract a soulmate, for example, it doesn’t mean that you necessarily will find that person within the 90 days! But after 90 days, you will be in a much better state to then meet such a person.

Don’t just sit back

Start working OUTWARDLY to also achieve your goals. For example, doing this work, to change the inner emotional/spiritual issues for a weight-loss goal is HUGE, but you ALSO, should be alert to your diet and exercise, no doubt. If you are working on attracting more abundance, this plan will profoundly help you, but you also have to do everything you can to put yourself into positions to improve your situation in the outer world. Don’t just sit back. Get organized and do everything you can do in the physical realm to complement the inner work we are doing.

Consider Journaling

This is really optional. But some people find it helpful to write down their thoughts and realizations and experiences each day in a book, or even on the computer. One reason to do this is because sometimes so much is happening that you may not even remember all the changes that just happened from doing this process. Another reason to do it is that some people believe that the writing can be therapeutic in itself, cathartic in a way. After the 90-period, when you read through your journal, you will likely be amazed at the journey you have just gone on and this will help you establish confidence that the process has served you well.

Consider Counseling or a Support Group

I’m in the process of developing an online forum where we can have a dialogue of others who have gone through this process or who are in the midst of it. For now, it may be helpful if you feel the need, to find a local support group or therapist who is helpful for your issue. For example, if you are dealing with releasing anger, then a support group or therapist that specializes in anger management could be very helpful if you feel that you are all alone in this process and that you would like someone to talk it through with. It doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to have someone who is accustomed to my system of releasing the cellular memory. You could just explain that “I have been working on a method of releasing the old traumas on a cellular level and that I need some help processing this.”

There is a very specialized type of short-term therapy called “Redecision Therapy.” The developers of this therapy have written a book: “Changing Lives Through Redecision Therapy” by Mary McClure Goulding and Robert Goulding. Might be worth checking out, either the book or maybe even finding a local therapist who practices this approach.

– – – –
Please don’t feel that you are alone in this work. Let me know if you have any questions or if you feel the need for a follow-up session. Also, you might find it comforting and supportive to communicate with others who have gone through this process or who also are in the midst of doing so by joining our online forum.

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