Protection Prayer

by Howard B. Richman

Protection Prayer

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As one is working on doing release work to release stored trauma, the desire to become authentic and in the moment with ones life can be daunting. This is because the very reason we store trauma away in hidden pockets within our being in the first place is for our own survival. So here we are, on a healing path of releasing this old trauma and therefore becoming more and more open and trusting. So then when we encounter a dominant or aggressive personality, or just a plain dark or heavy person, how do we keep our truth and not go into hiding like our old pattern WITHOUT absorbing this heaviness from the other person? The protection prayer is intended to do just this — to ALLOW us to remain open and receptive to the light that we have been striving for, yet to remain insulated from the dark at the same time.

The more sensitive a person is, the more vulnerable he or she is to absorbing energy from those around him or her. This is quite normal. In fact many people on a spiritual path seem to be literal darkness “magnets.” Anyone who is a healer or teacher or therapist knows that it is so very easy to pick up things from a client. If you think about the following analogy, it will make a lot of sense. Think of a porch light. The brighter the light, the more insects it attracts. So as your light continues to become brighter, more and more people will be drawn to you and this includes ALL types of people. Your goal should be to WELCOME the experiences to you that are for your highest good while FILTERING OUT all experiences that are not.

What are we Seeking Protection From?

Depending on your beliefs, we could include the following: inner demons or compulsions, including addictions, self-criticism, etc. Also, negative “vibes” from other people. Also, unseen forces from the universe, including spiritual parasites or even inter-dimensional beings. If you feel that you are the type of person who is easily thrown off track by your own self criticism, or who is easily influenced by others or who easily absorbs negative energy, then this prayer will help you. From what I have learned, no entity can override your intention. If you take away the welcome mat so to speak, and you tell the universe that you are no longer allowing this type of thing to happen to you, then they must respect that. The protection prayer is a way to bring this about.

Protection Prayer

Say the following upon waking and before going to sleep. By saying it upon waking, you are consciously setting in motion the kind of day that you will have. By saying it before sleep, you are re-energizing this dynamic “force field” around you that will let in the good but keep out the bad, so that you can have a restful sleep and know that you are protected. You can also say the protection prayer again throughout the day just before you about to meet with someone in your work or personal life. You can also say the protection prayer on behalf of a loved one. For example, if your child is having nightmares, try saying it just after they fall asleep and it should help them have a more restful sleep.

The “Dear God” in the beginning is really beautiful to include if you believe in God. If not, the prayer will still be effective without it.

“(Dear God…)  
Please protect me from all darkness on all dimensions, in all time realms that do not serve me for my highest good and allow me to attract the light.”

UPDATE as of March 2015

Please send this around as the more of us state the above each day, the sooner our world will have the shift that we all know is possible. Let’s do this! This is a Modified version of the Protection Prayer. Credit to Kauilapele, Montague Keen and Howard B. Richman


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