7 Steps can Change Anything

by Howard B. Richman

7 Steps can Change Anything

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Helpful tips for any goal, including career, relationship, abundance, health, emotional breakthroughs and more. Just being aware of the seven steps to change anything and incorporating them into your daily routine will have a positive effect on any aspect of your life. Although short and simple, the list below can be profoundly helpful. Please contact me if you need additional support.

1. Our thoughts affect our reality
Whatever the subconscious believes to be so, it will create outwardly. Whatever we place our attention on will grow bigger. This works even if we don’t like the results! If we focus on the positive, we will enhance the positive events in our life. If we focus on the negative, we will empower the negative events in our life. “Positive thinking” really works.

2. Envision what you want (Affirmations)
For 90 days, literally “see” or “feel” what you are wanting in your life AS IF IT HAS ALREADY HAPPENED, with a feeling of deep joy, even if it seems silly or contradictory to your current situation.

3. Remove what you don’t want (Emotional/Energetic release)
Find ways to express old anger and negative feelings about situations and people in your life that have been holding you back. By doing this, you will actually make ROOM for the good things to come into your life. This should also be done for 90 days.

4. Be someone else’s “angel.”
Since we are all connected through our subconscious minds, the more we can help others reach their goals, the more the flow will come back to us! We are all part of the larger unit and just as others play a role in your successes, you will play a role in theirs. When you see this truth and enthusiastically help other to reach their goals, you are building good energy for the universe to bring good things back to you.

5. Express gratitude and embrace where you are
Remember that EVERYTHING we experience in this world we have created somehow, within our thoughts whether we are aware of it or not. When we take responsibility for this fact, we now have become liberated to create a change. We have to learn to express true gratitude for what we ALREADY HAVE in our life we will be empowered to create what we really want.

6. Don’t tell anyone
Be wary of suppressive and jealous people. When you are beginning anything new, it is like a little seedling on a hillside. Landscapers will cover the seedlings with a net to protect them from the elements of wind, rain, etc. until they grow roots and become strong enough to live. Any new project you begin is delicate like the seedling and can easily get thrown off course. (Of course if you have genuinely supportive people in your life, feel free to tell THEM you are working on something new.)

7. Beware of judgements
When we judge others about how they spend their money, we literally are LIMITING our own ability to have the joy of indulgence that we so crave, even if we would spend our money differently. For example, maybe we have a sarcastic or negative attitude towards someone on our street who just bought a fancy car. It is THEIR abundance and success that allows them to use their money the way they choose. Try to avoid begrudging others’ success.